cataloging the revitalization of historic YE Smith

media articles highlighting Durham City Council’s zoning approval of the Historic YE Smith Project:

East Durham School Project Wins Zoning Approval

Council Approves Old Y.E. Smith Rezoning

The Durham News article on how the revitalization project is getting the Historic Y.E. Smith building back in the education business:

Old Y.E. Smith Bound Back to School

Bull City Rising posts two-part story on Historic YE Smith and Maureen Project:

BCR Part I: “Old Smith school may return to education

BCR Part II: “Rezoning could pave way for Maureen Joy

Endangered Durham‘s history of the school building includes historic photos and maps, as well as photos of the building interior’s current condition:

Endangered Durham: “East Durham Grade School / YE Smith School

Endangered Durham also wrote about the project on June 9.

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